Can The Polyurethane Board Make Furniture?

- Jun 02, 2017 -

Polyurethane imitation wood plate can be used to make furniture. Polyurethane imitation wood material is a class of high-density structural rigid polyurethane foam (referred to as rigid polyurethane foam), compared with natural wood, the obvious advantage is that through the mold design and molding production of various shapes, especially with carved pattern of imitation wood carving products, lifelike.

The repetitive molding properties of the products are excellent, the molding process is simple and efficient, and the appearance and performance are similar to wood, the strength can be higher than the natural wood, the density can be lower than the natural wood, and can be planed, saw, nailed, drilled and other processing operations; In addition, in the manufacture of polyurethane imitation wood materials generally need to add flame retardants, so that the material has good flame retardant properties.

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