Installation Of Indoor Polyurethane Decorative Plate

- Feb 20, 2018 -

Polyurethane insulation Decorative Board In recent years the market is more common insulation decorative plate, its efficient insulation effect has been well received. However, polyurethane insulation decorative board in the construction of some prerequisites and requirements. Today, small knitting want to share with you is Polyurethane insulation decorative board in the installation of construction conditions and requirements.

1. The construction climatic condition: the exterior insulation wall construction, its ambient temperature and the base wall body surface temperature should not be below 5 ℃, summer high temperature, unfavorable in strong light construction. Wind is not more than 5, rainy day, snow forbidden construction.

2. Safety fire: In the insulation board stacking site and construction operation site 10m within the prohibition of open flame or smoking. Insulation board after the wall surface, such as the need for welding iron parts, must take heat-insulated fire prevention measures to prevent the splash of welding Mars so that the insulation plate melting damage.

3. Cutting insulation board used power and resistance wire should be set to protect, the voltage should be reduced to 110V below, by hand cutting use, strictly prohibit the operation of personnel use, stop the operation should be cut off power.

4. windowsill side prohibit station person and place heavy object, prevent insulation board loose fall off and cause accident.

5. The high wind season to prevent the stacking of insulation plate blown away by the wind, and the weight of the good press.

6. The rainy season with poncho will be insulation board and polymer mortar cover, to prevent wet dampness.

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