Interior Decoration Materials Have Those

- Feb 20, 2018 -

A wide range of indoor decoration materials, according to material categories have plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, wood, inorganic minerals, paints, textiles, stone and other types, according to functional classification of sound absorption, heat insulation, waterproof, moisture, fire, mildew, acid, resistance to pollution and other types. According to the classification of decorative parts There are wall decoration materials, ceiling decoration materials, ground decoration materials.

Types of interior decoration materials

Examples of categories of species

Interior wall decoration materials wall paint wall paint, organic coatings, inorganic coatings, organic and inorganic coatings

Wallpaper paper base wallpapers, textile wallpapers, natural materials wallpaper, plastic wallpaper

Decorative Board wood Decorative wood-based Panel, resin impregnated paper high pressure decorative laminated board, plastic decorative plate, metal decorative plate, mineral decorative board, ceramic decorative murals, perforated decorative sound-absorbing board, flocking decorative sound-absorbing board

Qiangbu Glass fiber paste Qiangbu, hemp fiber Non-woven Qiangbu, chemical fiberQiangbu

Stone Decorative panels Natural marble panels, natural granite decorative panels, artificial marble decorative panels, terrazzo decorative panels

Wall tile Ceramic glazed tile, ceramic wall tile, ceramic tile, glass mosaic

Ground decoration materials Floor paint, water-based coatings, emulsion-type floor coatings, solvent-type Floor Coatings

Wood, Bamboo flooring parquet, parquet flooring, parquet, wood-based panel flooring, laminate flooring, veneer flooring, parquet flooring, integrated flooring, bamboo strip-like flooring, bamboo parquet floor

Poly Vinyl Acetate Flooring, epoxy flooring, polyester flooring, polyurethane flooring

Ground brick cement flower terrace brick, terrazzo precast floor tile, ceramic floor tile, mosaic floor tile, cast-in-place terrazzo floor

Plastic floor printing embossing plastic flooring, debris pattern flooring, foam plasticflooring, plastic floor rolls

Carpet wool carpets, blended carpets, synthetic carpets, plastic carpets, plant fiber carpets

Ceiling decorative material plastic ceiling board calcium plastic Decorative ceiling plate, PS decorative plate, FRP ceiling board, plexiglass board

Wood veneer board, soft perforated sound-absorbing fiberboard, hard perforated sound-absorbing fiberboard

Mineral acoustic Plate perlite sound absorption Board, mineral wool Sound absorption board, glass wool Sound absorption board, gypsum sound absorption board, gypsum decorative plate metal ceiling plate aluminum alloy ceiling plate, metal micro-perforation suction ceiling plate, metal foil veneer ceiling plate.

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