Main Features Of Polyurethane Board Products

- Jun 02, 2017 -

1. The standard type is many, the volume weight scale: (40-60kg); length: (0.5 m-4 m); width: (0.5 m-1.2 m); Thickness: (20 mm-200 mm).

2. High cutting precision, thickness error ± 0.5mm, and then ensure that the appearance of the product surface smoothness, foam fine, uniform foam.

3. Light weight, can reduce the self component of manufactured products, 30-60 lower than traditional goods.

4. Strong compressive strength, can accept in the production process of infinite pressure.

5. Facilitate the quality of the inspection, because in the incision process removed the surrounding epidermis, the quality of the plate evidently, to ensure the insulation of products. Thickness can be produced according to user demand processing.

6. Comprehensive cost-effective. Although the unit price of rigid polyurethane foams is higher than that of other traditional insulation materials, the added cost will be offset by a drastic reduction in the cost of warm refrigeration.

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