Pu Flat Line How To Make Its Use More Secure

- Jun 02, 2017 -

In our today's building materials, Pu flat line can be regarded as one of the best. In the energy-saving and environmental protection of this piece, Pu flat line is better than gypsum lines. Many people in the use of gypsum lines, need to reopen the mold, however, the cost of decoration will increase. If the use of Pu flat line, you can let the professional production of the manufacturers to design, this is OK.

PU flat line compared to gypsum lines, quality is more secure, if the use of gypsum lines for decoration, the natural weather will appear damp moldy yellowing situation, or because the house is decorated for a long time, the house facing the problem, resulting in a large area of gypsum lines fall off, this is also very unsafe, so we use the process, or the use of PU flat line more secure.

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