Status Quo Of Polyurethane Industry

- Jun 02, 2017 -

Based on current capacity expansion and demand growth projections, as well as the continuity of the MDI import substitution process, "China polyurethane industry market demand forecasting and investment strategic Planning analysis report," said that before the end of 2013, domestic MDI supply and demand will remain in a tight balance, MDI new capacity will be increased downstream demand for effective digestion. With the expansion of domestic MDI capacity, the demand gap of domestic MDI will be reduced gradually, and the dependence of foreign countries is further reduced.

According to the existing data, after 2014, the domestic MDI industry will appear significant excess capacity, the key to the development of domestic MDI industry is whether excess capacity can be transferred in the form of export. 2016 is expected to achieve the four major MDI capacity of 3.68 million tons, to 2017 China's MDI production capacity or to reach 4.2 million tons.

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