The Use Of PU Lines Is Not Controversial

- Jun 02, 2017 -

Pu lines in use, can be nailed, can be saw in many ways. PU line Texture Light, Construction simple section, this is relatively convenient, and basic no loss. Pu lines can also be compared to high-grade European exquisite building materials. Pu Line also needs special-shaped decorative carving, this will be better. Pu line design can be customized according to your requirements this is also possible. Pu lines are widely used in hotels, home decoration, KTV, villas and other high-end decoration, bringing good results.

Pu Line also has the use of fluorine-free formula, not a chemical controversy, is the new century environmental protection decoration products. Simply modify the formula to obtain different physical properties, such as density, elasticity, rigidity and so on.

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