What Is The Difference And Connection Between Polyurethane Foam And TPU?

- Apr 21, 2018 -

What is the difference and connection between polyurethane foam and TPU?

1, PU soft foam Flexible PU

Cushions, such as seats, sofas, mattresses and so on, polyurethane soft foam is a very ideal cushion material, and cushion is also the largest application area of soft foam.

The sound absorbing material, the open hole polyurethane soft foam, has good sound absorption and shock absorption function, and can be used as an indoor sound insulation material.

Fabric composite materials shoulder pads, bra sponges, cotton pads, toys

2, PU hard bubble Rigid PU

Freeze drying equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators, refrigerated trucks, etc. polyurethane rigid foam is the ideal insulation material for refrigeration equipment.

Thermal insulation of industrial equipment, such as storage tanks, pipes and so on;

Building materials - in developed countries in Europe and America, building polyurethane rigid bubbles account for about 70% of the total consumption of hard bubbles, more than double the amount of hard bubbles such as refrigerators and freezers. In China, the application of hard bubbles in the construction industry is not as common as that of western developed countries, so the potential for development is very large.

Transportation industry, such as car roof, interior trim (steering wheel, dashboard), etc.

Imitation wood - high density (density 300~700kg/m3) polyurethane rigid foam or glass fiber reinforced hard foam is structural foam plastic, also known as wood like, with high strength, good toughness, compact and tough crust, simple molding process, high production efficiency, strength can be higher than natural wood, density can be lower than natural wood, can be replaced. The generation of wood is used for all kinds of high-grade products.

Potting materials such as waterproofing grouting materials, plugging materials and roofing waterproof materials.

Flower industry -- PU flower pot, flower slime, etc.

3, PU semi hard bubble Semi-rigid PU

Energy absorption foam body - energy absorption foam has excellent damping and buffering performance, good performance of resisting compression load and deformation recovery. The most typical application is to make car bumper.

Integral Skin Foam is used to prepare internal functional parts and internal decorations for steering wheel, handrails and headrest. Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) technology is commonly used in self foam products.

The most typical application of microporous elastomers, polyurethane microporous elastomers, is in the shoe making industry.

4, polyurethane elastomer (PU Elastomers)

Cast polyurethane elastomer (CPU) is one of the most widely used and most productive polyurethane elastomers.

Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (TPU) - thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers account for about 25% of the total volume of polyurethane elastomers.

The blended polyurethane elastomer (MPU) accounts for about 10% of the total volume of polyurethane elastomers.

Solid tire; printing and conveying roller; press type rubber roller; oil seal, gasket ball, bushing bearing; O type ring; bracing pad; sole, rear root, Baotou; lining; gear and so on. Different application fields, the hardness range of selected elastomer is different.

Applications in mines, metallurgy and other industries -- sieve plates, rocking beds, etc.

Applications in machinery industry - cots, tapes, seals, etc.

Applications in the automotive industry - tires, seals and so on;

The application of light industry is polyurethane shoe sole, polyurethane synthetic leather and polyurethane fiber.

Applications in the construction industry waterproof materials, paving materials, potting materials, etc.

5, polyurethane sole material (Shoe Sole)

Polyurethane sole has many advantages: low density, soft texture, comfortable and light wear, good dimensional stability, long storage life, excellent wear resistance, flexure resistance, excellent damping and antiskid performance, good temperature resistance, good chemical resistance and so on. Polyurethane is used to make high-grade leather shoes, sports shoes and travel shoes.

6. Polyurethane slurry

It is divided into two major categories, wet and dry. It is a polymer solution system with transparent or cloudy appearance. The content of solid is about (30-35)%, that is, (65-70)% is a solvent. In a simple way, 1 tons of slurry contains (650-700) kg of solvent. For dry process, it contains so many toluene and butanone, a The amount of benzene is larger, because the solubility of toluene is better, for wet method is 650-700 kilograms of pure DMF, so for the slurry, the price of toluene, DMF changes to a large extent the cost of the slurry, the reason is a very simple amount.

Polyurethane slurry is used as coating to prepare polyurethane synthetic leather and artificial leather. The polyurethane synthetic leather has soft, natural, soft hand and strong skin sense. It has excellent mechanical properties such as excellent adhesion to base material, abrasion resistance, flexure resistance, aging resistance and good mould resistance. It also has the advantages of good cold resistance, air permeability, washing, convenience, price and so on. The most ideal substitute for leather is widely used in clothing, shoemaking, bags, furniture, sports and other industries. It can be replaced in all areas of real leather application, and can also be used in areas where the skin can't be applied. The real leather market is easily affected by animals (cattle, sheep, pigs and so on, mad cow disease).

Dry process polyurethane slurry in the process of application, evaporation of solvent in the slurry by heating evaporation, most of the solvent is toluene, butanone, the evaporated solvent can not be recovered, not only pollute the environment, but also cause unnecessary waste.

Wet polyurethane slurry - because the processing process is used to extract DMF water (because of the infinite solubility of DMF and water), it is more environmentally friendly, and the produced synthetic leather has good moisture permeability and air permeability, soft, plump, light, and more rich in the style and appearance of natural leather, so the speed of development It's amazing.

7. Polyurethane fiber (Spandex, spandex)

The excellent performance of spandex: high back elasticity, high resilience of spandex is incomparable to all elastic fibers at present, its elongation at break is more than 400%, up to 800%. Even in 300% tensile deformation, the rebound recovery rate is still above 95%; excellent tensile strength, tearing strength, weatherproof and UV resistance Strong radiation; chemical resistance, washing resistance; good affinity with dye.

Spandex has been widely used in textiles. It is a new type of textile material with high added value. There are four main forms in its use: bare wire, core yarn, Bao Fusha and twisting line. Such as silk stockings, swimsuits, dance clothes, lyica (pure cotton coated spandex silk), clothing and so on, in traditional textiles, only less than 10% quantity of spandex is added to the traditional fabric, which can make the grade of the traditional fabric greatly improved, showing a soft, comfortable, beautiful and elegant style.

8, polyurethane coatings (PU Coatings)

The main applications of polyurethane coatings are: aircraft, ships, and vehicle coating; wood, plastic, rubber, leather surface coating; building coating; anticorrosion coating, and so on.

Water based polyurethane coating, with water as the main medium, has the characteristics of low VOC content, low or no environmental pollution, convenient construction and so on. It is one of the main substitutes for solvent based coatings. It has been widely used in many fields, such as: (1) wood lacquer and wood floor paint; (2) paper coating; (3) architectural coatings; (4) leather coating; (5) fabric coating, and so on.

9, polyurethane adhesive (PU Adhesives)

Polyurethane adhesives contain very strong and chemical active -NCO- (isocyanate root), -NHCOO- (carbamate group), and materials containing active hydrogen, such as foam, plastic, wood, leather, fabric, paper, ceramics and other porous materials, as well as metallic, glass, rubber, plastic and other smooth materials. All of them have excellent chemical bonding force.

It has excellent shear strength and impact resistance. It is suitable for all kinds of structural adhesive fields and has excellent flexibility.

Polyurethane adhesive has excellent rubber properties and can adapt to the adhesion of different thermal expansion coefficient base material. It forms a soft hard transition layer between the base material, not only strong adhesive force, but also excellent cushioning and damping function.

Polyurethane adhesives are superior to all other types of adhesives at low temperature and cryogenic properties.

Waterborne polyurethane adhesive, waterborne polyurethane adhesive has the characteristics of low VOC content, low or no environmental pollution, and non flammable. It is the key development direction of polyurethane adhesives.

10, polyurethane sealant (PU Sealants)

Sealant is used to fill gaps (holes, joints, joints, etc.) materials, and has two functions of bonding and sealing. Polyurethane sealant and silicone sealant and polysulfide sealant form the top three kinds of high-grade sealants.

Polyurethane sealants are widely used in civil engineering, transportation and other industries:

In building applications - doors and windows, glass and other filling seals;

Application in Civil Engineering - sealing joint of expressway, bridge, runway and so on;

The application of cars is the assembly seal of windows (mainly windscreens).

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