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Polyurethane Molding

Polyurethane, or Styrofoam, is a lightweight foam that can be shaped, molded, primed, painted and cut. It can form several different shapes of crown molding and is suitable for use in wet areas and outdoors. Depending on the manufacturer, you may be able to install it simply by gluing it up, although many types are installed like traditional moldings and are nailed.

Advantages of using a polyurethane-based molding include:

• Inexpensive - Polyurethane moldings can cost as little as $1 per linear foot.

• Lightweight - These moldings are very easy for one person to handle.

• Easy to cut - Polyurethane does not splinter like wood, so if you are a novice at cutting moldings you won't have to worry about broken ends.

• Our simple crown moldings have details and styles that only a molded product can attain.

• We offer pre-cut corners actually cut onto the ends of the simple molding for an easy seamless crown molding installation. (These are not corner blocks or molded plastic corners that need to be screwed or clipped onto the wall)

• Our simple molding can be painted with any color latex paint. No primer is required. You can even faux paint them.

• The plastic peel and stick crown molding is a shell and installs with tape and painting with the color of your choice is difficult. 

• Our simple crown molding is visually more appealing than plastic shell molding. Also, our crown molding easily looks as better than wood, MDF and polyurethane crown moldings.

• Simple Crown molding is easy to install, light weight and  used by crown molding professionals and home builders across the country. It is extremely popular in Europe and anywhere there is solid block construction.

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